Moped Safety

This is a six-hour course that is required by Iowa Law for anyone under the age of 16 who wants to operate a moped. Instruction includes: operator and moped preparation, basic control skills, safe riding practices, how to handle complex situations, and moped care. This course meets the Iowa Department of Transportation requirements, and a certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. Minimum age required for this course is 13.

  • Cost: $60
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Professional Driving Assessment (Aging Driver Assessment)

A professional driving assessment is an important part of continuing to be a safe driver as long as possible. Maybe you have an aging parent or grandparent who you would like to evaluate their skills to ensure that they are safe and competent behind the wheel?
Our comprehensive driving skills evaluation assesses their driving performance, and helps you determine their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Consider a professional driving assessment if:

  • You are concerned that your driving skills may have diminished over time.
  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition known to impact driving
    ability (e.g., impaired vision, dementia, diabetes, seizures, sleep disorders,
  • You have experienced a recent increase in near misses or minor crashes (fender benders).
  • Friends and/or family have suggested that you may not be fit to drive.


  • Cost: $150 (Includes 1 hour comprehensive driving skills evaluation)
  • Door to door pickup can be arranged a charge of $0.60/mile will be charged if you live outside of Sioux Center
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Individual Driving Lessons

Individual driving lessons can be provided for drivers at any age range. Maybe you
have a young driver that needs extra practice? We can provide individualized lessons geared toward their needs. Maybe you have an older child that never took driver’s education, but is ready to obtain their license and you want to set them up for success when they drive with the DMV? In any case we can provide individualized lessons that help set them up for success on the road.

  • Cost: $60/hour

    Out of State Transfer of Certificate

    This service is offered to those who have taken driver’s education in another state and need to transfer their out of state certification to Iowa. State law requires that your out of state driver’s education certificate of completion be transferred to Iowa prior to obtaining your license. Driven School of Driving does a full evaluation of the completed program to certify that it meets the minimum Iowa driver’s education requirements. Once that evaluation has been completed an Iowa certificate will be issued.

    • Cost: $50

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