Successful Completion of Driver’s Education

Instructional Permit:  (This is what they all already have) Note that an instructional permit only allows the student to drive with another licensed adult.  An instructional permit DOES NOT allow them to drive to and from school.   If they plan on driving to home school events, they need to upgrade their instructional permit to a school permit.  (See Below)

School Permit: A school permit allows students to drive independently to and from home school events (between the hours of 5:00 am-10:00pm) after they’ve held an instructional permit for a minimum of 6 months and successfully completed driver’s education.

  1. An additional form must be completed, signed by the school administrator, and taken to the driver’s license station in order to obtain a school permit.
  2. School Permit Form Link:

***Note:  If you have questions regarding what they can and cannot do on a school permit those would be questions for your local law enforcement agency.  There is a lot of gray area with school permits.  

Intermediate License:   An intermediate license allows student to drive independently anywhere after the turn 16 years old, after they’ve held their instructional permit for a minimum of 1 year and after they’ve successfully completed driver’s education.

Certificate of Completion:  After successfully completing both the classroom and the driving, we submit their certificate of completion to the Iowa DOT website.  Certificates are all on the computer now so there is no paper copy.  Those will be at the driver’s license station and ready when you get there.  We will send out an email confirmation as soon as those are submitted.