Thank you for your interest in our driver’s education program through DRIVEN School of Driving LLC. Students must have a valid learner’s permit before enrolling in this course.

Note: Pickup locations for drives will be available in the following locations: Hull, Rock Valley, Sioux Center

The classroom portion will be online and self-paced through Canvas. We have spent a lot of time developing our curriculum and obtaining approval from the state so that it complies with their standards. There are 2 different options for completing the driving as highlighted below.  All hours not being completed with instructor need to be videotaped and submitted in Dropbox.

There are 2 different options for completing the driving as highlighted below:

3-3 Ratio:  In the 3-3 ratio of Behind the Wheel instruction 3 hours of driving are completed with an instructor and 3 hours are completed with the parent.  (This is the most popular option and best fits the student that has a fair amount of experience and parents have put in the time driving practicing with their child)

1-5 Ratio:  In the 1-5 ratio of Behind the Wheel instruction 1 hour of driving is completed with an instructor and 5 hours are completed with the parent.  (This option is for the student who has a lot of experience, is confident, and you as a parent would trust driving anywhere independently at this point.)

For more information on the program in it’s entirety please see this link:

Cost = Depends on which option you choose (A fuel surcharge may be added if gas prices rise above $4.00/gallon)
o 3-3 Ratio: $340
o 1-5 Ratio: $300
· Parent’s Meeting = February 15, 2023 via zoom @ 6:00 pm
· Final Due Date for Classroom Portion of the Class = May 15, 2023

The parent’s meeting is an informational meeting that is very helpful. Students should be in attendance b/c the zoom meeting covers a lot of the “how to” things regarding the online course, submitting driving videos, and scheduling drives. The student/parent will schedule drives (with a driving partner) that fit in their schedule. We will send out a weekly driving schedule of when we’re available to drive, and you choose the one/s that fit your schedule. Driving times will vary but may extend up to 45 days after the final classroom session. (Students will drive with a partner based on which ratio and pickup location they selected (See above). Students must have a valid learner’s permit by February 15, 2023 (NO EXCEPTIONS) in order to register for this course. It is also important that you are practicing with your child! The more confident they are in their abilities to drive, the more success they will have in the program. There is a no-refund policy for this course. If you fail the classroom instruction and/or driving instruction you will need to retake the course.

Please register online and pay with credit card or Venmo. Make sure to register your child prior to February 12, 2023. A late registration fee (additional $25) will be added if students aren’t signed up  prior to then. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email. We look forward to the possibility of working with you and your child in providing a quality, flexible driver’s education program that works with the busy schedules of your children!

Contact Information:


Mail:  451 East 1st Street, Sioux Center, IA 51250

Phone:  712-578-6120